Protect Your Investment


Optimize ROI

Run Efficiently & Safely

Avoid Emergency Repairs

We believe that efficiency and safety are key as your solar power plant begins to age. Preventative maintenance and having an O&M provider on your side will significantly impact the returns on your solar investment. Business and homeowners trust Day Electric to react quickly and keep their sites producing at peak efficiency, whether your system is brand new or decades old.

Our O&M experience is extensive with nearly 1 GW of solar service in the last two decades. Regardless of system type or size, our team has the ability to service your system quickly and effectively. 

We specialize in:

-System Assessment

-System Verification



-Preventative Maintenance

-Repair Services

-Inverter Repairs

-Tracker Repair and Maintenance

-System Troubleshooting

-Commercial System Remediation


-IR Thermal Imaging

-IV Curve Tracing


-Design Services

-Vegetation/Erosion Control

-Module Cleaning

If you have additional questions regarding our services or maintenance packages, please contact us. 

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Our team performs the assessment, maintenance, repair, cleaning and monitoring services required to maximize your system’s performance for years to come.